Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sunday Will Come

By the time I was 29-years-old, both of my parents had passed away and all of my grandparents as well. Although I have a firm testimony that our Savior was resurrected and He made it possible for each of us to be resurrected, the heartache one feels when a loved one dies is very real and very deep and lasts for a whole lot longer than you think it will and you often wonder how the world is moving forward, when your world seems to have ended.

I know that a time will come when I will be reunited with those who have passed on before me. I know that when I see them again, my heart will burst with joy. I also know that I will owe those moments to Jesus Christ. He kept His promise to us in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the Cross of Calvary. He gave us forever. He offers us eternity. What an amazingly infinite gift. I can't even begin to explain my gratitude. The only thing to do is live my gratitude. (Which is the reason for this blog - I want my life to be Much More About Him. His life was all about me and you and each of us. I can make my life much more about Him. I figure that is a decision I will never regret.)

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