Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We Pause This Mortal Life For A Station Identification

More often than I would like to admit, I find myself blinded by mortalness (my spell check doesn't like that word). It can be very easy in my hectic days to forget the big picture -
the big eternal picture.

Sometimes, if I've already prayed and read the scriptures but I'm still needing a good dose of eternal perspective (and I just can't do the 6 hour round trip to a temple), I have found two activities that can help me through. I'll admit to being a tad sheepish about sharing these ideas because they work for me, that doesn't necessarily mean they will work for others. But this post keeps tapping on my shoulder so maybe someone, even just one someone, needs to be introduced to these ideas. I hope that one someone finds this and I hope it helps you with whatever it is you are struggling with at this time...

Okay, here goes...
I mentally press pause on mortality. 
The world can keep spinning on its axis all around me and life continues to go on but I mentally take myself out of it all and focus my mind on the great and masterful expanse of the universe, not just this planet. So, in my mind's eye, I am no longer on the earth, I am no longer surrounded by what is causing me pain or stress or discomfort. I am surrounded by countless planets and stars and galaxies. I look around me at
God's amazing universe and I am awed by its majesty and brilliance!
I tell myself that the Man who created this, also created me.
It is beautiful! It is peaceful. It is powerful. It is eternal. 
I begin to remember that in the Lord's eyes, 
these adjectives can describe me as well.

I turn to look back at this beautiful earth.

 The problems that were plaguing me seem so small and insignificant. (As do the things of this world that society has deemed so important - most of it just isn't important when viewed from the spiritual eye-opening vastness of the universe)
The darkness is gone. I see what is most important - my family, learning and growing closer to God and what He has planned for me. Knowing this can help me make any decision. Knowing this can pull me out of a slump. Knowing this can dry any tears and give me courage to do what I know will keep those three things at the top of my list.

You and I are eternal beings.
In our world it can be almost impossible to remember
this if we do not actively work at remembering.  
This mortal life is not all there is to us.
We are so much, much more.

There is one other activity which I have discovered can work wonders on my mortalness...

I just sit and look at this picture.
Sometimes I look for a while. Somehow, I always end up feeling better,
stronger, more peaceful and more loved. How could I not?

I often need to be reminded of exactly which "station" I want to be tuned into. I need a "station identification". (Some of you are old enough to know exactly what that means.
A good dose of eternal perspective can go a long way but as with vitamins that should be taken daily, eternal perspective should be sought after on a daily basis.
Let us not forget our eternalness. Remembering can cure us of our mortalness.
(I love making up words)

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