Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Favorite Song About the Atonement

I've recently had more than my normal share of teaching gospel type classes in church settings. I don't mind. I learned a long time ago to take full advantage of every teaching opportunity because my testimony grows stronger every time and my knowledge of the gospel expands and my courage to keep the commandments increases and my commitment and love for Jesus Christ deepens significantly.

Today's teaching opportunity was sweet and simple because it was for 6-year-old children. They were amazing as they freely shared their understanding of Jesus Christ and unabashedly shared their love for Him. My heart was touched and I have felt tender feelings all day when I think of the Savior and what He did, and continues to do, for me and I know He did what He did for each of us and I know He was able to do it because of a love that I can't even describe in my limited vocabulary.

This is my favorite song about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and what happened in that Garden and on that cross. I can barely even stand to watch some of this but it is important for us to understand what He sacrificed for us.

All that my mortalness will allow me to communicate after striving to comprehend the message of this song is that...I love the Savior Jesus Christ and I need Him...always. It sounds so trite and the words don't seem to be able to truly convey the intensity of the feelings in my heart but it is all I can say...I love Him. I am realizing that the only way to intensify the power of these words is to LIVE them. Live like I love Him. He lives for me, I can live for Him too.

P.S. This another Kenneth Cope song.

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