Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tell Me

When children are little we love to tell them how loved they are and how much God loves them and watches over them. As they grow into teenagers, we still tell them how important and loved they are but those proclamations are scattered among our counsel and admonitions of our higher expectations of their behavior. Not that teenagers don't need counsel and correction from time to time but it seems they don't hear as much about how loved they are.

Once a child has grown into an adult, I'm guessing, from my own personal experience, someone else telling you that you are wonderful and loved and watched over, doesn't happen as often as you need it to. And what's wrong with that? You're an adult. You shouldn't need someone to constantly tell you those things. You should be able to find that within yourself by now. And most of the time you do. Right?! Well, maybe yes and maybe no. Sometimes you need to hear it being told to you.

I think adults need to hear this just as much, if not more than children. Especially because we are more aware of the world screaming the exact opposite in our ears - "you're not enough of this, you're too much of that, you can't do this and I can't believe you do that, shame on you, how dare you think that"...the list goes on. Plus, we are much harder on ourselves than children are on themselves. We can sometimes be harder on ourselves than anyone else.

I had the opportunity to listen to Kenneth Cope share these same sentiments and then he sang a song entitled "Tell Me".

Voices surround me, all set to confound me
Damaging hope and fostering fear.
Rules and commandments ring heavy handed
in my ears, loud and clear.

Sins and omission, laws and conditions
And while I feel the need to make these known
 Who'll speak of heaven's every intention
To make me whole, and bring me home?

Tell me, tell of a God that won't slow down
That will not rest till I am found
Tell of His heart that won't let go
His arms that long to hold me
Tell me, tell of that Love that knows my face
And speaks my name
Tell me

I need a Shepherd ready for effort
Who'll spare no cost to find the lost

Tell, me, tell me all about Them
Tell me
I need to hear more said about Them
Tell me
Won't someone else beside me tell me?
Tell me

I'll tell you. 
It doesn't matter what you have or haven't done, what you have or haven't accomplished, what you do or do not believe, you are loved by the Man who knows how to create galaxies and trees and whales and forget-me-not flowers and yet you are His most valued creation. God, our Father and Jesus Christ, our Savior and Others whom we do not know at this time, love and adore and care for you more than our mortal minds can comprehend.  It does not matter your mortal age - 5 or 55 - you are still our Father's child and He still loves you tremendously, just as much as He did when you were little. He has watched you through the years. He has seen your good choices and your bad choices. He has seen your heartaches and your triumphs. He knows all about you and loves you still. You are just as important to Him now as you have always been. You are His child and always will be.

I'll tell you of "His heart that won't let go and His arms that long to hold you".  YOU ARE LOVED. YOU  ARE LOVED. YOU ARE LOVED. Above all things and of greatest importance is to remember that YOU ARE LOVED!

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