Thursday, August 11, 2011


I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love science. Some people don't think those two worlds can exist together. I believe that the adversary did a treacherous deed when he convinced man to separate the two. Hence, scientific theories that do not support religion. But when we put religion and science together, a whole new world of discovery and understanding is opened up to us.

Religion can answer the "Who?" and "Why?" questions that science cannot answer and inspired science can help us begin to understand the "How" of some of religion's most cherished beliefs. If you look, you will see that the scriptures are filled with science. They really do belong together as two witnesses to the glory of God.

Our Eternal Father and our Savior Jesus Christ, in my opinion, are the Master Scientists and Master Creators. Our Eternal Father, the Master Architect and our Savior, the Master Builder.  I believe the great catalyst to all of their creations was and is LOVE. As I learn more, it seems that love is not just the "Why?" but could very well be the "How?" as well. I believe that we underestimate the literal power of LOVE - on both religious and scientific levels.

As I watched this short video, my heart filled with love and amazement for Our Creator's Cosmos. It is AWESOME in every sense of that word - inspiring awe.

(watch this video on full-screen, you won't be sorry you did.)

I titled this post "Amen!!" because I agree 200% with what is said in this short clip. With all of my heart (a heart which was created by the Master Creators and Scientists) I believe that what is said in this movie is true!

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