Monday, January 3, 2011

Will We Forget?

So I didn't get to as many Christmas Carol Lessons as I had hoped but that leaves more for next year and believe me, I got more in me! :) I thoroughly loved the Christmas season this year and I think trying to learn from the many different songs about the true Reason for the Season made a big difference for me.

I purposely saved one of my favorite Christmas songs until AFTER Christmas day and into the new'll see why. There weren't any video recordings of this song so you'll have to just read the lyrics.

"Will We Forget?"
Michael McLean
The Forgotten Carols

A heart that's been closed may be opening tonight.
A soul that's been lost might believe it's been found.
But six months from now on a warm summer night,
Will we pause to remember this night in December
When we promised ourselves we'd keep this spirit all year round?
Will we forget the promise we resolutely made?
Will we forget to thank the Lord for all the gifts he gave?
We'll say it's human nature, but something seems amiss
When there is just one time of year reserved for nights like this.

Six months from now on a warm summer night,
Will we even remember the night in December
When we promised ourselves we'd keep this spirit all year round?
Will we forget the feelings, will we forget to sing
Will we forget the Christ child came and gave us everything?
We'll have a hundred reasons why we have set aside
The memories of this season when His spirit touched our lives.
But He who came to save us for all eternity
Has not forgotten those who need His mercy to be free.
And though the number's greater than the sands upon the sea
There is no time of year that He's forgotten you or me.

He has not forgotten us on any lonely night.
He has not forgotten that our joy requires His light.
He has not forgotten those who are homeless as was He.
He has not forgotten you; He's not forgotten me.

My New Year's goal is to remember Him as much as He remembers me. I already know I'm going to fail but I'm going to try really hard. 

For example: I was having sort of a rough day yesterday thinking about some blessings that I long for that most likely won't be coming. I am so blessed, believe me, I am incredibly blessed but there are some blessings I long for that I don't even pray for any longer because it is just not the Lord's will that I have them at this time. 

So yesterday I was thinking about this a lot, despite the fact that I have just spent the past couple of months concentrating on my many, many blessings. See, I kind of started to forget ALREADY!! But the Lord did not forget me. He arranged for me to help out in the nursery at church yesterday where I held a sleeping child for 2 hours. The child would not let me put him down and was very distraught about not being with his mother so I just sat and held him. There were enough people helping that day, they actually didn't even need me. But for some reason I was there. That little boy needed me and I very much needed him.

During that two hours, as I looked down at the sweet child's peaceful face, I was reminded of what is really important and that eternity is so much longer than earth life and that I need to just trust that the Lord has a plan for me that is tailored specifically to help me get Home to Him, and someday I'll understand. Someday, after He helps me see that He knew exactly what He was doing all along, I'll look into the Savior's eyes and I'll thank Him from the bottom of my heart for not always giving me what I wanted, because He always, always, always gave me exactly what I needed.

I've learned this lesson soooooo many times in my life. But my weak, forgetful, mortal mind needed to be reminded yet again. Gratefully, Jesus did not forget about me in those moments and He did what He could to gently remind me of His continual, undying, completely comprehensive love for me and understanding of me.

It may not be Christmas any longer and we may have already started to lose that "Peace On Earth Good Will Toward Men" mentality but luckily for us the Man who can teach us how to create "Peace on Earth" has NOT forgotten us - nor will He ever.

That thought makes me want to break into "Joy to the world, the Lord has come!" (wink, wink)

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