Sunday, December 12, 2010

Three Kings Found The Lord

When I was maybe 10 or 11-years-old, my mom brought home a cassette tape by Michael McLean entitled "You're Not Alone". She played that over and over again. I learned to love the songs on this cassette, but the one I loved the most was one that seemed like it should have been on a Christmas album. I'm so glad it wasn't because I think that was when my quest to feel the Christmas spirit all year long began - even though I might not have realized this desire at the time.

The song is entitled "Three Kings Found The Lord". It is still a great song and quite popular today. It has undergone some changes and additions, which have only enhanced the powerful message. It is, obviously, about the Three Wise Men and their journey to find the newborn King

Now, I need to say here that of all of the endearing characters that play a role in the traditional Christmas story, it is the Three Wise Men I can identify myself with the most. Not because I consider myself wise or anything like that. I identify with the fact that they were on a great quest with only a star and their faith to guide them. Where did they come from? Who were they exactly? How long was their journey? I think if it was important for us to have that information we would have it. Instead we just know that they set out to find the greatest treasure any one of us could hope to find - Jesus Christ.

Many of us are on a journey not unlike their own - a great journey to find Jesus, our Savior. The words to this song explain my feelings so much better than I can...

The same light which beckoned them to seek the Lord of men still calls to us today. There truly are many choices and so many different voices and often we can feel completely lost on this journey. But we cannot give up. We simply cannot give up. And even if you take just one step closer to Him each day, at least you are going toward Him and not away from Him.

"We have a star that shines today. The love that He gave teaches how and shows the way. 
That light, it's clear to see if we have faith and believe.  
And if you've lost your way, that light burns bright today and it will shine eternally. 
Three Kings found the Lord and so can we."

I believe that if you find yourself on the wrong path and you cannot find your way back, you can kneel down and plead for guidance and divine help to get back on the path again. I believe that the Savior wants everyone to come to Him and if we will just ask for His help and then be willing to receive and follow His guidance, we will find Him.  It is His LOVE that guides the way - a love that can fill our hearts and mind and spirit with LIGHT.

I like to think of myself on the same journey as the Three Wise Men, albeit a much less glamorous tale. There have been times in my life when I lost my way and I needed divine help beginning the quest again.  The Wise Men are an example of endurance, faith and willingness to do whatever it took to find The King. I love that they were intelligent, "wise" and probably important men yet they spent their days seeking out a baby boy of whom prophets had prophesied would come. The world lay in darkness and denial that the promised Messiah would come as a baby born in a stable of all places. Yet these men had enough faith and conviction to follow a star to find this newborn king! Amazing. I love that their lives were guided by the Spirit. 

I love that we are not any different than they were - our lives can be just as guided by the spirit as was theirs. 

Three Kings found the Lord...and so must we.

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