Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Keeping Promises

This post is about a promise:

When my mom was in her early 20's she lived in Alberta Canada. She had traveled all over the world in her teens and young adulthood, but Canada was different for her. She actually lived there and served people there and learned many important lessons there.

I can't even count how many times my mom said to me over the years, "Someday I want to take you to Banff National Park."

It never happened and so before she died she said to me, "Promise me, that you will get up to Banff in Canada. Promise me you will go to Lake Louise."

I promised.

Last week I kept that promise. It just kind of happened. An opportunity to go came my way, my mom's request whispered in my ear, and I jumped in with both feet.

I stood on top of Sulphur mountain and looked out at the majestic view and thought, "Okay mom. I'm here. You went all over the world, why is this the one place you made me promise to come?"
I didn't have a revelation. I didn't hear her voice, nor did I see her face.

 But I looked over at her granddaughter who was born after my mother passed away and I thought of the many gifts I want to give to my daughter simply because I know she will love them. Was that the answer? Did my mom make me promise to go just because she knew how much I would love the place? Did she know how it would fill my soul? Did she know it would bring tears to my eyes and inspire me and that I would feel like I had "come home"?

Is that okay? I mean, is it that simple? Is God that way? Does He sometimes send blessings or give us opportunities because He simply knows we will love them?

I believe the answer is yes. I believe that happens more often than we realize. I believe it happens every single day. I believe it is why He does anything that He does - simply because He loves us and it delights Him to see our joy and happiness.

I hope my mom knew I was there. I hope she felt as much joy as I did. I know that when I am able to give my children something they will love, I just might feel a little happier than even they at the realization of that dream come true. Hopefully, my mom was able to feel that as well. She deserves the happiness.

Did you make a promise to your parents before they passed away? My invitation is for you to keep that promise. Make it happen. You just might love it!

P.S. When you do keep that promise, take a better camera than I did. I just had my phone and that works for some things but when the scenery is as beautiful as Banff, my little phone just didn't cut it. I had to find photos online to do these beautiful mountains justice.

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