Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Note from a Relief Society President

Wowsers! it has been a long time since I posted something on this blog. My most popular posts in the last year or so continue to be about my experiences serving as a Relief Society President. It is a challenging calling, no doubt. Just when you think you've got it figured out, you get a curve ball sent your way and you have to start all over. I have been so busy with the calling and my kiddos and just plain life, that I haven't really had mush time to sit and post on this blog.

I had some strong thoughts this morning about Relief Society and I decided to post them on my ward's private Relief Society Facebook page. I feel that I should post them here. Maybe someone out there in blogger land needs these words today as well. Usually, I'm the one who needs them most.

Yesterday was the 173rd birthday of the Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I had a chat with a dear friend from out of town yesterday about her feelings regarding Relief Society. She hasn't yet caught the vision and just sees it as tablecloths, casseroles and quilts and a bunch of women just sitting around doing crafts and that no one has any serious problems and no one is in her particular situation and that no one really wants her there. She thinks Relief Society is the hour in church on Sunday or the activity once a month or the woman who asks if your Visiting Teaching has been done. She feels that she doesn't fit in and she doesn't belong.

I remember the times when I felt that way. I remember, during the long difficult years waiting and longing for children to come to my family, going to Relief Society was not fun. It was very hard to sit through the lessons on motherhood and family and feel like any of it was for me. Rather, it just seemed to intensify satan's whisperings that I wasn't a worthy daughter of God. I know that sounds silly, but that is how powerful his whisperings were in my ears and I couldn't always get past them. I felt lost and alone and like I didn't belong there. I realize now that was all happening in my own head, and not what was really happening. There have been other reasons I haven't felt comfortable in Relief Society over the years - maybe I'll share those with you someday.

For now let me just share what I have felt the Lord help me see...Relief Society is a place for all of our Father's daughters, no matter what. There is no definition of what a Relief Society sister is, other than a daughter of God. If the truth be known, every single Relief Society sister has an ache in her heart and feels guilty about something, or insignificant or has times when she wants to stay away. That is called being mortal...and its okay. RELIEF Society is a place where our Savior wants us to find relief and He knows we'll need to find it over and over and over again at every stage of our life. He also knows that the more we discover that Relief Society is about Him, the more we will want to share it with others and the more good we will be able to do and the more relief for ourselves we will be able to feel as we participate.

Truly, we all belong. Sisters, the Relief Society is the largest and oldest organization for women in the world and it was organized by Jesus Christ Himself. If that is something you question or don't yet grasp, ask our Father in Heaven about it. He'll help you see as He helped me.

The day is drawing closer and closer to when Jesus Christ will return. That also means satan is going to work harder and harder to get us to not be ready for that day. he'll do that in any way that he can. As we stick together and help each other, we will be stronger. Every member of the Relief Society is different and will contribute in different ways and this is exactly how it is supposed to be. If you feel that you don't fit the mold of the ideal Relief Society sister, please know that the truth is THERE IS NO IDEAL RELIEF SOCIETY SISTER. The sooner we can let go of that belief, the sooner we can get on with doing what we were born to do and with what the Lord has asked us to do.

I LOVE being part of the Relief Society. I haven't always felt that way, but I do now and it has helped me have a greater sense of exactly who I am, the power I possess, the courage to use that power and Who is really in charge!

- "There are many sisters who are living in rags—spiritual rags. They are entitled to gorgeous robes, spiritual robes. … It is your privilege to go into homes and exchange robes for rags." —President Spencer W. Kimball (Daughters in My Kingdom, 117)

"Although the name may be of modern date, the institution is of ancient origin. We were told by our martyred prophet that the same organization existed in the church anciently." —Eliza R. Snow, Relief Society general president, 1866–87 (Daughters in My Kingdom, 1)


  1. Thank you for your comments on Relief Society. I just got called to be the 2nd counselor. This is my third round for being in the Relief Society Presidency (President, Secretary, and now 2nd Counselor). I guess I'll keep getting put in until I get it right - ha! Since retiring from my job, I had been praying to somehow come in contact with others, that I might be of service. You get what you pray for, right! And yes, it has been WAAAAAAAAAAAY to long since your last post. I truly enjoy following your always inspire me!

    1. HI Marsha, Thank you and I'm excited for your new calling. I'm fairly certain you were not put there because you did everything wrong the last two times. Most likely, it is because you did everything right! Trust me, having counselors who know their duty and who are willing and able to roll up their shirt sleeves and get to work is wonderful!! We should be careful about praying for three things specifically - faith, patience and humility. Those are attributes which can only be developed in the needing of them! haha :)

  2. Thank you for all that you have written. I have loved Relief Society from the moment I was baptised in 1979. I have attended single, married and divorced. I have stuffed many 3-ring binders with notes about marriage and raising children. I would sit leaning forward taking it all in. Planning all the wonderful ideas I would use with my children someday. Now at age 55, with my two boys all grown up (20 and 23), I find I have a great deal of anxiety attending Relief Society. I constantly think about everything I planned to do with my children but didn't with my boys. I hadn't put anything in my plan about having my husband walk out the door suddenly one day when my boys were age 3 and 5. I never planned on being a single mother - wearing both hats. Having to be the wage earner and the nurturer. I write all this but
    what I really want to say that I am reading all you posts and grabing into my heart all the things that will help me feel Heavenly Father's love. And there are many ideas and thoughts that are helping me. So many times you write what is hiding in my mind and heart. What I can't get out so I seem uneducated and simple. Just thank you.


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