Monday, January 2, 2012

Lost and Found

My daughter received a book for Christmas with beautiful pictures of the Savior on each page. As I was reading this book with her, I turned the page and found this picture by Greg Olsen entitled "Lost and Found".
I have seen it before but the message of this picture was very powerful at that moment. Tears started spilling down my cheeks. My daughter looked at me, she didn't even ask, she knew what I was feeling. She is accustomed to my emotions, she shares them as well.

We sat and looked at the picture together. I told her how the picture made me feel. She told me how the picture made her feel.

I'm not going to share any of that because I want those of you who are reading this right now to discover your own message here. If you were on that bench, what would that conversation be like?

Whatever your interpretation may be... let it lead you to the love our Savior has for matter what.

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