Sunday, December 18, 2011

What Shall We Give?

The following movie, as well as the three movies following this post, made me stop and think..."What shall I give?"

I hope they can inspire someone else as well.

Drop the "mas" of the word Christmas and what do we have? Christ - The Spirit of Christ is love. Our lives can be so much more about Him in all that we do every day of the year.

I think we feel differently at Christmas because, as a collective whole, we allow ourselves to be more giving, more forgiving, more caring and more loving at this time of year. Love is a powerful thing. I believe it quite possibly is an actual, tangible power. I believe that if our spiritual eyes were opened, we would be amazed at the healing, uplifting, inspiring, cheering, building, creating, forgiving power of love.

So at Christmastime when so many of us are concentrating on this power, miracles take place. There is strength in numbers. Love is more powerful in numbers. Why did our Savior say so often, "Love one another" ?

What shall we give? Anything that has to do with loving, forgiving, caring or giving. These are all gifts fit for a King - THE King.

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