Monday, September 26, 2011

Believe This Truth

 I have had so much in my heart lately. I've felt very close to our Savior. I have felt tender feelings of love and support from Him and for Him and a greater understanding of the complete dependence I have on Him.

I have been taught in a very special way this past week that my life is between He and I. That's it. I don't need to worry about the opinions of any other person. Truly. It is only His opinion that matters. He will not compare me to anyone else. He knows and sees my offerings to Him and He loves them. He knows when I do something that is right, even when it was hard. He knows where my heart is. He knows my private battles and my private triumphs. He understands me - completely.

Some beautiful experiences this week have reinforced this beautiful, simple, powerful TRUTH...

Your life is between you and Him.
Let the opinions of others go.
(Read that again.)

He loves you and nothing you do, or don't do, will ever change that.
He wants you to be happy.
He wants you to feel joy.
He wants to tell you everything.
He wants you to take a step closer to Home every single day.

The simple, powerful, TRUTH is that you are loved -
every single part of you - completely LOVED

I know I write that all of the time.
Maybe this is part of my "Personal Ministry" on this earth.
Maybe that is why my last name is Love. :)
It is a truth I feel compelled to share often.

His life was all about you.
Make your life all about Him.
Ask Him to help you know what this means.

I could try to convey what that means for me but it will mean more to you, and will stick with you more, if the Savior reveals it to you personally.
Believe that He will. 
Believe that Jesus Christ loves YOU!

(the link to the talk "Personal Ministry" is a must read for everyone)

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