Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Student of the Week Dilemma

So my 5-year-old is the student of the week in her kindergarten class. A large piece of construction paper was sent home on which I was supposed to create a collage of everything she loves. She helped me pick out some pictures and we put it together.

After she went to bed I sat down to put the finishing touches on the project. I added a few items here and there like a little drawing of a pizza because she loves our family pizza nights and a little drawing of a pot of soup because she loves tortilla soup. That was when the dilemma began...

I swear the Spirit whispered, "She loves church and Jesus Christ". Yes, she most certainly does but "that's not appropriate." I told myself. "That would be awkward for her teacher and someone would be offended or Lizzy would be embarrassed if I put that on her poster. I don't want to be a pushy 'church' person" Blah, blah, blah...

So I didn't put anything representing her faith in Jesus Christ. When am I going to learn?!!! When am I going to quit worrying about the world's opinion?!!!

This morning as we were packing her bag and heading out the door she grabbed a little picture of the Salt Lake temple. I asked what she was going to do with it and she, very matter of factly said, "I'm going to tell my friends that this is Jesus' house and I love it. They don't know so I need to tell them." Yes, that is what she said and I felt like a big, dumb idiot of a mother!!!

Inspite of me, INSPITE of me, this little girl is going to fulfill her mission here upon this earth. I didn't hesitate to put down that my daughter loves Disneyland or going to the movies or the beach or a bunch of other things that are of no eternal significance. Those things shall all pass away but not Jesus Christ. He is eternal and His Gospel is eternal and one day the whole world will know and understand. But I know NOW. Does the world know that I know NOW? Guess I better get working on that one.

When my daughter arrived home from school I saw her little picture of the temple in her pencil box. I asked if she had shown it to anyone. She said she showed it to some of her friends. I asked how they reacted to it. She said, "They just said, 'oh, now I know more about what you believe.'" I said, "They really said that? Kindergartners really said that?" She just said, "Yeah mom."

Who is the teacher here? Did I but in line? Is she supposed to be the mom and I'm supposed to be the daughter?

"...they shall not be ashamed that wait for me." (Isaiah 49)

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  1. She is wise beyond her years! If it makes you feel better {or worse!:)} I would have had the same thought process as you! But not anymore, right!?!? Thanks for sharing!


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